Half Pork


Our half-pork package includes 91 lbs of top-quality, pastured pork.



We don’t cut any corners when it comes to raising healthy animals for delicious, nutrient-dense meat!
We work with nature to provide the best care for our animals. Our pigs enjoy life outside and receive organic feed free of corn and soy. They never receive artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.
All meat is processed by our USDA-certified partner, dry-aged for 21 days, and then CRYOVAC-sealed to ensure freshness for at least 18 months.
Our half-pork package includes 91 lbs of top-quality, pastured pork.
We aren’t able to guarantee exactly how many of each cut will be included in your package because the animals vary in size. We have to do a bit of mixing and matching to ensure that you get each pound you pay for. That’s the reality of working with nature to provide the best food!
  • About 22 lbs of roast, which includes picnic, shoulder, and loin.
  • About 10 lbs of uncured side (aka bacon).
  • About 12 lbs of chops, both regular and tenderized.
  • About 38 lbs of sausage. You choose the amounts of maple, Italian, country style, or unseasoned ground!
If you have questions about customizing your order, we will do our best to accommodate! Please contact us at [email protected]
All orders must be picked up at Redmond Heritage Farm Stores. You can grab your order at the location nearest to you!

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