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Locally Sourced Meats


Our beef is grass-finished, which means it contains higher levels of omega-3 fats and CLA. We source our cattle from local ranchers who raise their cattle on pasture and forage year-round. The beef is then packaged by a local USDA-certified butcher.


Our pigs enjoy life outside and receive organic feed free of corn and soy. They never receive artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. All meat is processed by our USDA-certified partner.

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Our meats are available in halves and wholes. They can be ordered ahead of time and picked up at any Redmond Farms store location! Visit our buy online page to place an order.

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Where do your beef animals come from?

Since all of the grass on our farm goes to the milk cows we work with local Utah ranchers to produce our grass finished beef. Each rancher signs an affidavit stating that their beef is steroid, hormone, and antibiotic free, and that the beef has been finished on grass.

What does grass finished mean?

The term “grass finished” states that the beef has had no grain the last 3 months before slaughter. Our research shows that the CLA and Omega 3 quantities in beef along with other nutritional factors are affected the greatest the 3 months before slaughter. The majority of our beef come from high mountain grazing. During the winter hay is used as a supplement.

Has your beef been given any antibiotics, hormones, or steroids?

All of our beef is free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.

Is your beef dry or wet aged?

Our beef is dry aged in the cooler for 2 to 2 ½ weeks.

Where can I buy your beef?

Our beef can be purchased in our Redmond Heritage Farm stores with locations in Sugarhouse, Orem and Heber City  Utah. We also sell our beef at our farm store in Redmond, UT.

Can I order your beef in bulk (halves or quarters)?

You can purchase bulk beef from Redmond Heritage Farms right here.

Can I special order large quantities of certain cuts, organs, or bones?

Currently no. There is such a large demand for our beef, especially organs and bones that if we honored any special orders others would be shorted. So our beef, organs, and bones will be available in our stores on a first come first serve basis.