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Eggs like those we produce at Redmond Heritage Farms are hard to find. When we say our chickens are free range, we mean it. These birds can walk off the farm if they want to, but why would they? With constant access to grass, organic feed, water, shelter, bugs, fresh air and sunshine, they are in pretty good shape. The eggs from our chickens are full of nutrient richness that you can see when you crack open the shell.

Real Eggs are full of color. Our eggs have a brown shell with a deep yellow yolk inside, indicating their high nutrition and flavor profile.

chickensEgg FAQs

What do you feed your chickens?

In addition to open pasture and whatever bugs and worms they can find we supplement with a free choice non-GMO layers pellet.

Are your chickens truly free range?

Our chickens could walk off the farm if they chose. “So free they choose to stay.”