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Real Raw Cheese

Real Cheese comes from Real Milk. All of our cheese is made from our own farm-fresh real raw milk. It is white, the color cheese should be, with no additives or preservatives. Raw Cheese is cultured naturally and unprocessed. Our cheese is cultured for at least 60 days and kept in it’s pure whole state.

How to Buy Our Cheese

Our cheese can be found at our very own Redmond Heritage Farms Stores  in Heber, Orem, or Sugar House. It can also be purchased at our farm store, in Redmond Utah or a number of other grocery stores in central Utah. See all the locations on our Find a Store page.

Stores that carry our cheese

78 North Main Street
Richfield, UT 84701
p. 435-893-9164

93 North State Street
Salina, UT 84654
p. 435-529-7741

Cheese FAQs

Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located in the city of Redmond, Utah with plenty of room for our animals to enjoy the great outdoors.

Why are you not a USDA Certified Organic farm?

The certified organic label is very reliable in helping consumers make educated decisions on what is not part of their food. We strive to allow consumers to connect and trust in us as a farm rather that a stamp. With this trust comes a great responsibility for us to make decisions that would hold up this trust. This relationship seems more powerful in trusting your farmer instead of trusting a stamp and knowing nothing about the farm it came from. Also on our journey to create a sustainable farm It has become very unsustainable for us to purchase certified Organic hay because of our location (central Utah) would come out of California, but it is more sustainable to purchase our hay from local farmers we trust.

Do you use antibiotics?

Because of the way we manage our animals, we rarely have need for antibiotics. We very occasionally use an antibiotic to save life and ease suffering when calves get sick from pneumonia, for example. We do everything we can to create an environment where we build health and resilience to illness, reducing the need for antibiotic use. We do not use feed or milk replacer that is medicated with constant, low-level doses of antibiotics. State law requires that we (and all milk producers) test every batch of milk for antibiotic residue. Milk with antibiotic residues cannot be sold to the public.

Do you use hormones?

We do not administer hormones to our animals.