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Real Milk

We keep it clean. We keep it real. We keep it raw.

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Farm Fresh Eggs

The eggs from our chickens are full of nutrient richness that you can see when you crack open the shell – the orange yolks are an indication of nutrition.

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Real Cheese

In our cheese we use our own farm fresh raw milk from cows that are on pasture in the growing months and eat green, growing sprouted barley grass year-round.

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Raw Honey

Our raw, unfiltered honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.

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Redmond Heritage Farm beef is grown locally and raised on pasture and forage.

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Our pork is packaged at our local USDA butcher, then makes its way to you.

Redmond Heritage Farms was born out of a need and a desire to assist others seeking optimal health.

Rhett Roberts

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Redmond Farms

Redmond Heritage Farms

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Redmond Heritage Farms is a proud supplier of raw milk in the state of Utah. Our cows are pasture-fed, meaning they graze freely on green pastures, eating and resting as much as they please.

We utilize low-impact sustainable agricultural practices. We never use hormones or chemical feed additives. We use antibiotics only when an animal’s life is in danger and we only use state-mandated vaccines.

We don’t pasteurize. We don’t homogenize. We use time-honored methods to create a healthy supply of delicious, raw milk. And if great production methods weren’t enough, our milk goes through rigorous testing in three different labs.

We also produce raw cheese and eggs from free-range chickens.  Several times a year we offer pasture-fed beef products in bulk.  With cooperation from governing authorities, we hope to increase our offerings to include other natural, raw dairy and farm products such as kefir, cream, butter, yogurt, and curd.

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