Utah’s home
for real raw milk


We love raw milk. That’s all my family drinks!


Real raw milk from pastured
cows is a complete whole
food that provides more
nutrition than any other food.

Milk doesn’t get any better
than this. We take nothing
away from this perfect food.

CLA is an essential
fatty acid that has been
shown to decrease the risk
of heart disease and cancer.

We Keep it Real

Redmond Heritage Farms’ milk is simple –
we leave it the way nature makes it.

We Keep it Raw

Our raw milk is not pasteurized and
or homogenized. 
It is fresh from
the farm and unadulterated.

We Keep it Clean

We are among the only (if not the only) dairy
that tests our milks nutrition quarterly.

Nature’s Perfect Gift

Nature has always provided us with the
pure, nutrient-rich foods we need to
stay healthy. So why has our modern
diet become so complicated?

At Redmond Heritage Farms, we respect
nature’s elegant simplicity and only
adopt modern techniques when
they work with nature.

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