Pepper Jack Cheese

$5.05 - $6.39 / lbs

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All orders will be filled with 1 lb or 5 lb blocks (block weight is approximate). No fraction orders accepted (don’t order 1.5 lbs of cheese, for example).

Orders are subject to inventory availability. Orders over 20 lbs may be delayed due to packaging restrictions and inventory availability.

(aged a minimum of 60 days)

Truly raw (heated under 109 degrees)
High in CLA’s
High in Omega 3’s
Balanced Omega 3:6 ratio
Hand crafted
Made from Raw milk produced by cows on: Forage based diet
No antibiotics
No added hormones

Ingredient description:  raw milk; lactic cultures(Chr. Hansen); Microbial rennet-fermented using mucor miehei bacteria; Jalapeno peppers; habanero spice; Real Salt® brand sea salt.

Cheese orders will ship every Monday.

Range (lbs)Price ($/lbs)
0 - 4 lbs$6.39 / lbs
5 - 9 lbs$6.06 / lbs
10 - 14 lbs$5.73 / lbs
15 - 19 lbs$5.38 / lbs
20+ lbs$5.05 / lbs


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